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Since 2020 I have been offering therapy and counselling over the telephone. 

What you need to know about telephone counselling

I have found that people are able to open up a lot quicker compared with face to face sessions and I believe that some people find counselling over the phone more comfortable due to the extra anonymity that it provides. 

People are able to truly tell their story without being physically seen by their therapist. 

How does Telephone Counselling Work?

In pretty much the same way as face to face counselling except you’re in your own chair. You’ll need to find yourself a space where you can spend an hour talking over anything that is important to you without being interrupted or overheard by others. 

I’ll call you at a pre-agreed time from my office which is a confidential space. To make sure that you can hear me as well as possible and so my arm doesn’t get tired holding the phone, I use headphones. If you are thinking of counselling over the phone, I’d recommend you do the same. 

As with all counselling, the conversation remains confidential between you and your counselling and any limitations to this confidentiality will be discussed in your first session. You are able to bring any topic with you that you wish to and your session will take place within the pre-agreed time.

What are the benefits of telephone counselling?

You, as the client have a much wider choice of therapist when it comes to telephone counselling as you’re not limited to those within travelling distance of your home or workplace. 

Not having to travel to your counsellor’s office saves you on travelling costs and makes therapy accessible to those who can’t travel or have restricted mobility. 

Telephone therapy and counselling

If you have to travel for work or if you have a trip planned but you don’t want to pause your sessions whilst you are away, counselling over the telephone means that you can have therapy from anywhere.

Is telephone counselling as effective as face to face?

Studies have shown that counselling over the telephone is as effective as face to face sessions. It has also been found that more people stick with their therapy over the phone compared to those who travel in for their sessions. 

In my opinion, it’s about finding the right fit for you. If you are on this page because you are looking for therapy, the most important thing is to find a therapist and a way of working that works for you. If you are unsure about therapy over the phone use the buttons below to organise a free chat and I’d be happy to answer any questions that you have. 

What if I find therapy tough?

Seeing a therapist or counsellor can be tough

It’s important to acknowledge that therapy is tough at times. Many people come to therapy after suffering loss, after going through something traumatic or because they are wanting to make a change to their lives or themselves. To overcome any of these can at times feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. 

Therapy is a safe environment for you to feel these uncomfortable feelings with someone who is there for you and will only ask you to explore as far as you are able to. 

This is the same for face to face, video call and telephone counselling. When you explore these uncomfortable feelings, you are able to overcome them and make the changes that you want to. 

Telephone counselling gives you the option of running away which you don’t have in a face to face session as the ‘end call’ button is there. Regardless of the topic that is brought into the counselling relationship, I always discuss this during the first session and ask you to let me know if things are getting too difficult in the session so we can bring the level of the session down to make sure you are ok before the end of the session. 

Are there any drawbacks to therapy over the phone?

The bigger difference for me is being unable to read someone’s body language when speaking on the phone. There are little cues that a therapist can pick up on when they can see you. There is a greater reliance on judging the tone of voice during telephone sessions.

By attending a counsellor’s office, you are travelling to a private environment. By seeking therapy on the phone, you will need to find a time and place where you will be able to speak freely. Some people plan their telephone counselling session into their break at work, other’s have sent their partner and kids out of the house for the hour.
The important thing is remembering that your counselling session is for your own benefit and you deserve an hour focussed on you. Asking those around you to respect your privacy for an hour is a perfectly reasonable request and as most therapy sessions take place weekly, it can be something that’s worked into the families plans. 

How do I organise my first session?

If you’re interested in starting therapy or if you have any questions at all, it couldn’t be easier to organise your first session.

Use the buttons below to fill out the contact form or to organise a free, 20 minute chat to ask any questions you have and organise your first session. 

I offer weekly or fortnightly therapy sessions at a cost of £45 per session.  

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