Rewind for Trauma

Rewind Technique for Trauma

Closure Without Disclosure

Developed by Dr David Muss, the Rewind can ease and cure the symptoms left behind after witnessing or experiencing something traumatic.

You will be able to remember what happened if you choose to, but it should stop involuntary recall in the form of flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks and other unwanted symptoms

“Currently, The Rewind Technique is the only treatment – available and demonstrated – that has achieved an 85% success rate after a single group session, held by Dr Muss in Rwanda, when he treated 21 post genocide survivors in a necessarily unrepeatable single session using The Rewind.”

— Source from Open Access Government; 2018

What to expect

Rewind technique for trauma

At our first meeting, we will take some time to agree a working contract between us & discuss any questions or nerves. 

We will complete a short questionnaire to understand how much of an impact your trauma, anxiety or phobia is having on your life. If you have multiple reasons for coming, we can talk this over.

It is natural to have feelings of apprehension if you are about to look at something that is traumatic or frightening so we can take the time to go through some breathing exercises if you are feeling at all overwhelmed.  

The Rewind

Help after being traumatised

The Rewind takes less than two minutes and if you are unable to, you don’t have to tell me about your trauma.

I will teach you how to detach and safely rewatch your trauma or anxiety before rewinding it. 

Like a new game, no-one is expected to get it right first time so we will go over this a few times. You will watch your trauma as a movie and rewind it at great speed to return to a good place.

Unlike flashbacks where the person experiencing them doesn’t know when they will end, I will be watching the clock for you to make sure you aren’t rewatching or rewinding your trauma for too long.

Follow Up

After their session, people can feel a sense of euphoria. It is important that you don’t try to repeat the Rewind yourself.

It is often useful to review the changes that have happened 2 weeks after completing the Rewind. It may feel like you are free from the memories a lot sooner than this but it’s important to allow time to process.

If you have multiple traumas or fears that you would like to deal with, we can discuss this and we can deal with each one individually starting with the most distressing.  

Rewind Therapy, The Benefits

The main benefit in RT is that it is a non disclosure therapy. This means that the therapist doesn’t hear the details of the traumatic event that the client is seeking treatment to address. Only the most minimal information is spoken about in session, with the overall biggest benefit being a minimal risk to the client of being re-traumatised! Along side this other benefits to this approach also include;

  • No fear of disclosing sensitive information e.g. In the case of servicemen, for example, about deployment
  • For survivors of rape and sexual abuse the benefits of not having to disclose intimate or any details of the event to a stranger is self-evident
  • No lengthy therapy program commitment or to finance
  • Permanently stop ‘involuntary recall’ (including nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, avoidance, irritability, concentration challenges, pre-occupation, intrusive thoughts and much more!)

A Proven success

Depending on which Therapist you speak to, they will tell you that the Rewind Technique clears the trauma for between 70-80% of their clients in one session. Some people have taken up to three sessions to feel free from their symptoms

A one time fee of £55 covers both the Rewind session and the follow up meeting.

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I have always hated the dentist. After one session with Matt, I was able to get in the chair for the first time in years.

― Female, 30s

Matt’s explanation was very clear and he made me feel at ease. Rewinding my car crash ended my nightmares and anxiety.

― Female, 50’s

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