Effective Online Counselling for Bereavement and Loss

Counselling for loss and grief following bereavement or life changes

At some point in our lives, we all experience loss. The pain that follows can at times feel overwhelming and is often one of the hardest things that we have to go through. 

Causes of Grief

We don’t just grieve the loss of a parent or loved one. Our world can be shaken by the loss of a pet, a relationship, a child that has left home or a job. Loss and endings may leave you with a feeling that a part of you has been taken away. 

Grief is a reaction to loss and everyone experiences it in their own way. It isn’t just being sad, it’s often feelings of guilt, anger or regret. It can come out in physical ways causing headaches, affecting our sleep or leaving us feeling like what used to be the simplest of decisions are now too much for us to handle. 

If you have witnessed the death of a loved one, you may find that the trauma gets in the way of your grieving and it can be even harder to come to terms with your loss. When we become aware that things can end or people can die, our brain may act in a different way to before. As a counsellor, I can help you to process this trauma safely as well as helping you to accept what has happened. 

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim”


t’s important to allow yourself to grieve. To feel and express the emotions that come to the surface. Understand that adjusting to the new normal will take time and that there is no set timeline for this.

I believe that by allowing yourself to grieve, you are not letting go or forgetting the person that you have lost, you are taking the steps towards living the life that those who we have lost would want us to live.  

Counselling and therapy to help adjustment after death loss or bereavement


If you do find yourself in need of support, please feel free to click the button below and get in touch. As a qualified counsellor, I have a wealth of experience supporting those who have experienced loss. I have worked with those who have lost loved ones due to age or illness as well as those who have experienced a traumatic or sudden and unexpected death of someone close to them. 

There is no right way for you to approach therapy following a bereavement. I believe this because everyone that I speak to has different needs and experiences loss in their own way. What I offer is a safe environment where you can feel how you need to feel and work through any complex emotions in confidence and without judgement. My aim as a counsellor is to help you to reach a stage of acceptance after your loss and adjust to your new normal.

It is natural to want to carry on as normal but if you feel like you do need some support, please get in touch with the button below for a free consultation to see if counselling can offer the support you need.