A New Mental Health Blog From a Wirral Counsellor

Hi there, 

Thank you so much for stopping by

To tell you the truth, you’re a little early for the full launch of my blog. 

I did want to take a short time just to quickly introduce myself and let you know what’s to come from his page in the near future. 

If I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, my name is Matt. I am a humanistic counsellor with a wealth of experience in helping those who have been traumatised, suffer with anxiety or who are struggling with loss, change or grief. 

During my 9 to 5, I work closely with first responders who attend highly stressful and often traumatic incidents. I have also been working closely with those affected by fatal road traffic collisions. These people have been witnesses, been physically in a collision or have lost someone close to them suddenly.

I am launching MK Counselling Services initially for two evenings a week however, this will soon become my full time role and the number of appointments I offer will soon be increasing.

Counselling Services

As a counsellor, I learnt a lot about people, how our bodies and our brains work as I was going through my training. I have continued to learn after graduating and have launched this blog as well as my social media pages to share what I have learnt with aim of hopefully helping someone who needs it as well as generally sending a bit of positivity out into the world.

My blog is going to be mostly video based and I am going to be sharing a new mental health how to video on the first and third week of each month. 

The topics I am going to be covering are going to be everything and anything mental health related so I am sure that if you have found this page, there will be something that you will enjoy.

So please keep an eye out for the first of my videos and in the meantime, please use the buttons below and join me on my social media journey.

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